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Mindboggled is a science blog designed to make you think.

Founded in 2012, Mindboggled is under the editorship of Sila Genc who is a biomedical engineer, neuroimaging research scientist and science communicator all wrapped up in one. The contributing authors of mindboggled are scientists passionate about communicating science in an accessible way.

The blog posts found on Mindboggled are purely thoughts and ideas expressed by the contributors and do not constitute medical advice. We welcome contribution to our blog posts via comments in order to generate interesting discussions between readers all around the world.

Enjoy and happy reading!

The team at Mindboggled.

Current team:

Sila Genc
Andrew Katsis
Ella Kelly
Sanuji Gajamange
Daniel Pavlic

Past contributors:

Marco Papageorgiou
Michael Horn
Samantha Harris-Wetherbee
Jon Buzzelli