Podcast: 9 June 2013

On the science hour this week, Sila and Tom and joined again by Charles, to talk fungi, brains, and a surprising amount of sphincters. Science!
Tom has found a US company which is using fungal materials to make packing material and insulation. There’s a chance that in the future we’ll all be living in mushrooms. He also discussed an ingenious bit of science, using the side-effects of Cold War nuclear testing to measure neuron production in the brain.
Sila shared a new study, looking at the positive  effects of breastfeeding on infant brain development. There is a significant increase in myelin growth, otherwise known as white matter.
Charles joins us again, talking about introversion and extroversion, and tells you how you can try the “lemon test” at home. He also looks at the effectiveness of the polygraph lie-detector. Spoiler: none!
We also had some great questions on the text line, discussed the pros vs cons of regular drinking (cons win), and the usual fun science facts (sphincters!). Check out the podcast below, and tune in, same time next week, 3pm on SYN 90.7 FM.

The Science Hour team

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