Podcast: 7 July 2013

This week Tom and Sila were joined by Andrew for a great show, even by our standards.

Tom has found a foundation who are working to resurrect the passenger pigeon, a species which has been extinct since 1914. It seems like science fiction, but the technology is there! After that happy story, he scared a lot of people with research which shows that sitting still for long periods of time is killing you. But don’t worry! Just take a little break now and then.

Sila discussed the continuing search for extraterrestrial life, and the way that the things we eat and the ways we exercise can actually effect the way our genes are expressed.

Andrew shared the story of the day he realised he was red-green colourblind, and pros and cons of this common condition. He’s also found research looking at what earth will be like a billion years in the future. It doesn’t look good, but don’t worry, this is definitely a bit far away to worry about right now!

Check out the link below!


All this plus texts, science discussion, and the promise of a super-sized show next week! Tune in next time for the final episode of the science hour on SYN, 90.7 FM!

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