Podcast: 24 February 2013

We had a real mix of science on today’s show, from time travel to the science behind kissing and on to prosthetic limbs!

Sila also brought us news of a mind scanning infra-red headset, which monitors your brain activity and shows how engaged you are in your work. This technology could be used to keep track on the mental alertness of people in critical jobs such as air traffic controllers, but also could be used by marketing companies to determine what packaging and products engage our attention.

Cathy spoke of new research which shows that upsetting the delicate balance of an ecosystem can have far-ranging effects. Removing top predators from aquatic ecosystems resulted in a 93% rise in carbon dioxide in the environment! It just goes to show that life is full of intricate connections, upset one and a cascade effect can follow!

We had PhD student Edward Tsen come in to tell us about his research on the relationship between humans, cassowaries and the fruit tree Ryperosa kurangii in the Daintree, a tropical rainforest which supports 40% of Australia’s mammals, and 30% of our birds. The delicate Daintree ecosystem is under threat from subdivision into hobby farms and private dwellings and increasing numbers of feral pigs and pet dogs.

Head to the link below for a full podcast of today’s episode.

The Science Hour Sun 24 Feb 2013 03;00 pm 256kbps

Catch us on The Science Hour, every Sunday at 3pm on SYN 90.7 FM

Sila and Cathy

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