Podcast: 30 June 2013

This week Sila is away, so Tom is on the controls, joined by Charles and Cathy for the latest science updates.

Charles discussed his favourite “weird brain stuff” including Capgras syndrome, where you think everyone you know has been replaced by imposters! As well as other ways your brain can really mess up your day.

Cathy has a great story on “cute aggression” which is that feeling you get when you see a fluffy kitten and you just can’t handle the cuteness and just want to squeeze it to death or eat it or something because it’s SO FLUFFY. Sorry. Got carried away.

Tom busts the myth that komodo dragons have dirty mouths (in a literal way, not linguistically), and also gets into some social psychology with the “prisoner’s dilemma”, the psychology game which tests how likely you are to backstab people for profit. Fun stuff.

Check out the link below!


All this, texts and science banter every week on the Science hour, 3pm, on 90.7 SYN FM!

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