Podcast: 17 March 2013

Another jam-packed show today! We heard exciting news, that scientists are a step closer to solving the conundrum of the infectious cancer that is driving our iconic Tasmanian devils to extinction! We also learnt that our close relatives, the neanderthals’, bigger eyes may have led to their extinction, by taking valuable brain space in their skulls!

Guest presenter Andrew Katsis taught us three things that we might unconsciously be looking for in a partner:
1) Blue-eyed males seek blue-eyed females
2) We choose people who smell tantalisingly different to us
3) We choose people who look like our parents?! Ew!

Sila opened an imaginative new world for us with the science (and AWESOMENESS) behind 3D printing! Imagine being able to print your own chocolate!

Cathy explained the phenomenon of bioluminescence, the light which makes glow worms glow and and fireflies flash!

And guest researcher Brendan Dyett brought us his amazing research into the production and applications of Superhydrophobic materials (look that one up…it’s amazing!).

We had heaps of feedback on this weeks show so thanks again and be sure to tune next week at 3pm on 90.7 SYN FM.

Click on the link below to access our podcast.

The Science Hour SYNFM Sun 17 Mar 2013 03;00 pm.mp3

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The Science Hour team,

Sila & Cathy

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