The Science Hour podcast: 26 May 2013

Tom has been doing some research on how effective it is to judge people’s personalities just by looking at them (we know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but how accurate is it?), as well as a brief newsflash on a potential way of supplying Australia’s oil demand… using algae! Sila discusses a strange case of cockroaches avoiding sugar, in response to sugar-based poison traps. A great example of evolution in action, and a lesson in just how hard it is to fight a cockroach…
Charles discusses the case of women with super-vision, a fourth sort of colour-receptor, where most people only have three. It’s rare, but these people may see millions of colours that we can’t even imagine! He also discusses the current trend for vitamin supplements. Many of them may just be a big waste of money, some can be actively harmful.

All this and more – all available on the link below!

Podcast: 26 May 2013.

The Science Hour team,

Sila + Tom

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