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Is Sunshine Nature’s Cure to Obesity?

Scientists talk about hot topics in forms of sexiness and right now vitamin D is damn sexy!

The body makes vitamin D in response to sun exposure and the benefits of vitamin D are overwhelming. Numerous publications show high vitamin D levels can fight cancer, combat heart disease and boost your immune system. Well-respected professors have even suggested that cancer related deaths increase during the winter months because people are exposed to less sun and subsequently their vitamin D levels drop significantly.

Amongst all of the health benefits of vitamin D, one of the most appealing to consumers is the fact that high vitamin D levels are linked to weight loss! In 2008, a group of overweight patients were put on an 11-week diet where patients were given 3000 less kilojoules than their expected daily intake. Patients with high vitamin D levels at the start of the diet lost an incredible 70% more weight that those with low levels. Scientists believe vitamin D’s fat zapping powers are due to its ability to interact with receptors on fat cells and release this energy. Not only does vitamin D help weight loss it also improves athletic performance. In 2009, a study showed high vitamin D levels correlated to faster and more powerful movements.


Source: Google creative commons

Vitamin D’s resume is very impressive, particularly considering for adults to get their recommended dosage they only need to stand in the sun for 15 minutes per day, 4-6 days of the week. What is mind-boggling is that vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic problem. In Australia it is estimated that 60% of people suffer from vitamin D deficiency, predominately due to desk jobs preventing people from sun exposure and low vitamin D diets.

Never fear! You can get your vitamin D from sources like fatty fish, fortified milk, vegetable or supplements, but nothing beats a nice walk in the park and some fresh air. Keeping healthy has never been so easy!

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